A few words about our school

The 4th General Lyceum of Katerini is one of the oldest and most prestigious upper secondary schools in the city. It is located next to a beautiful park, right in the centre of Katerini, a town with a population of approximately 56,000 people. Katerini is the capital of the prefecture of Pieria. It is situated 71 km from Thessalonki, the second largest city in Greece, and at a short distance both from lovely beaches and the awe-inspiring Mount Olypmus, mythical home of the ancient Greek gods.

The 4th Lyceum of Katerini has a long tradition of success in the National University Entry exams, ranking among the schools with the highest percentage of students who are admitted into university. In addition to providing students with all the necessary means and support to develop their academic skills, the school also places emphasis on engaging students in a number of activities and events that help them acquire the necessary transferable skills that would enable them to become all-rounded personalities able to function successfully in their broader community.

The 4th Lyceum of Katerini is a school open both to the local community and to the world. The school tries to prepare its students to become active participants in an ever changing world where knowledge, critical thinking and talent are the main resources both for professional and social success. Towards this objective the school participates, with considerable success, in competitions and events in a wide variety of subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Ancient Greek, Debating, Theatre, Literature, Film, Media, Foreign Languages, Entrepreneurship). In addition, students are encouraged to take part in athletic events and often win first place in various school championships. The school also has a long tradition of completing a wide range of cultural, environmental, health and career guidance projects, which often include visits to other European countries (Italy, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Czechia)

Proof of the school’s success in helping its students acquire transferable skills and develop their full potential is the fact that many of the town?s most prominent citizens have graduated from the 4th General Lyceum of Katerini.